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Managed CCTV Security

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CCTV is crucial to protecting your small  business, office, business, goods and staff.

CCTV systems can help prevent employee theft, especially if a business suspects that an employee is up to no good. This can not only capture any employee who gets up to no good but also prevents the employee from doing this act in the first place due to the deterrent of being watched.

Despite trying to catch employees out from a potential act, CCTV systems do tend to protect employees, not only from violence from other members of staff or from customers but also from any false accusations that may be made against them.

Although these systems are initially installed to protect the business against any potential criminal activity, they can also have an impact on the level of employee productivity, and CCTV is an essential tool to protect your business from theft, fire and other incidents.

Performance options of modern CCTV security systems include but are not limited to:

Motion-detector sensors
Email alerts
Decentralized IP cameras
Infrared capability
Live transmission
Access to archive records
Facial and voice recognition system
Mobile app support capability
Wireless enabled systems
Remote monitoring

Delivering Value

The Team at Managed 24/7 have been providing technology solutions to the Australian & New Zealand SMB’s since early 1999. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, ability to problem solve and our skill as our personal IT team. We treat our customers business like our own and never compromise on quality and value for money.

Our dedicated and proactive IT team and engineers are here to help *24 hours a day. From 1st level helpdesk to senior project managers, we have designed our team to accommodate all parts of the process to ensure that the delivery of our solutions run smoothly and ensure you get outstanding client service. With over 30 dedicated support personal and our 24x7 helpdesk, we are able to proactively manage your IT, monitor for any issues and fix them, before they cause damage to your business and profitability.

Our proactive approach to your IT needs allows us to monitor and manage your IT infrastructure to ensure your systems are up, using the latest technologies, and minimise downtime. Our packages range from AV/backup management to flat fee service. We can also procure from most vendors and also provide a full stack of cloud services.

Managed 24/7 Delivering Value

how we work with you

Since 1999 Managed 247 Technology Solutions (Australia) have been providing routine support and proactive environment management services across the digital ecosystem to the Financial Services, Legal, Accounting, Retirement and Hospitality spaces. We have best-in-breed technology experts in the Managed Service Provider space across APAC who provide 24 hour* routine support, proactive environment management, and strategic improvement programs that help you optimize your operations and deliver new and improved capabilities.

IT disruptions, security and data breaches, poor internet, and bad infrastructure can severely interrupt your business operations, decrease your revenue, impact staff productivity and destroy business innovation. Don’t slow down the pace of your business—find a creative solution with Managed 24/7, a Managed Service Provider that works proactively to resolve problems with your systems before they arise, and have access to our dedicated concierge team who will provide you and your business with unmatched levels of customer service, support and management.


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